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Ruunaa, black
Ruunaa, black
Ruunaa, black
Ruunaa, black

Ruunaa, black

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The world's most comfortable shoes made in Pankakoski, Finland! Anatomically foot shaped, not the other way around.
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Model number: SU00BK
Product identifier: 6417989916910,-873,-903

Finished in the premises of the former Reino® and Aino® shoe factory in Pankakoski, Finland. Suomi-Kenkä represents the modern Scandinavian design. This resulted an improved and updated version of the traditional "slippers", that are now more versatile, healthier and comfortable.
An all-purpose shoe for everyday use. “Ecorubber ™” sole with recycled rubber is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Upper made of 90% wool. Wool is cool in summer and warm in winter and it absorbs moisture from the foot. The heel loop is designed so that it can be left under the heel if needed. Easy to put on foot. The elastic adjustable loop on the top of the foot makes it suitable for a wide variety of feet. The shoe has a wide toe to allow plenty of space.

Extremely lightweight and flexible - easy to take along as a breakshoe, for example.

Product details:

  • Size: 37-46
  • Color: Gray
  • Upper: felt with 90% wool and 10% polyester
  • Weight: 120g (size 41)


The soles are from "Ecorubber ™" natural rubber, which is mixed with recycled rubber tires and rubber residues from the manufacture of tires. The rubber compound is vulcanized (= melted) directly onto the upper of the shoe, which ensures a very strong joint. In practice, 99.5% of the rubber compound can be used in production, so no waste is generated! Direct vulcanization also eliminates the use of adhesives. Adhesives are harmful both to the environment and to the workers handling them.