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Spikey Massage Ball Large 9 cm
Spikey Massage Ball Large 9 cm

Spikey Massage Ball Large 9 cm

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Relaxing, spike massage ball that is easy to use on sore muscles. Small spikes hit on the trigger points and help with recovery.
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Model number: FMASSAGEL
Product identifier: 5060045903167

The large spikey massage ball can be used to release tight, uncomfortable muscles and can help to release toxins and improve circulation.

Best used as a pair (sold separately) to work through trigger points or for dual muscle massage. You can use them with one in each hand, under each foot or to provide balance when placed on either side of the spine, or under the buttocks. The larger size provides less intense pressure, but if you are looking for a harder pressure there is also a smaller, 7 cm version available.


Product Details:

  • Dimensions: diameter 9 cm 
  • Colour: Blue
  • Material: Phthalate-Free PVC.