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Smudge Ceramic Pot, Pentacle

Smudge Ceramic Pot, Pentacle

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Ceramic bowl for burning smudge incense. Easy to clean.
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Model number: 0428
Product identifier: 8900000900428

Ceramic bowl for burning smudge incense.

Incense should always be burned on a non-combustible surface. The bowl is designed so that you can place the cleaning products inside upright. In this way, it burns over a longer period without the ash falling over the edge. Once the ash has cooled, the bowl is easy to clean by wiping or washing.

The bowl is brightly coloured and there is a variety of symbols to discover, such as the Pentagram, the Tree of Life, the crescent moon, and the Triquetra, which together form a geometrical whole.

Product details:

  • Heat-resistant incense burner
  • Suitable for incense bouquets
  • Material: clay (ceramics)
  • Easy to clean
  • Size: 10 x 12,5 cm.