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Massage Oil Ekstase, 100 ml

Massage Oil Ekstase, 100 ml

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Harmonizing, sensual massage oil with an intensive, flowery aroma. Very skin-friendly composition. 100 ml.
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Model number: 1320i
Product identifier: 878842000782

Harmonizing, sensual massage oil with an intensive, flowery aroma. 100 ml.

The scent of massage oil relaxes, reduces stress, relieves tension and elevates mood. The fragrance blend contains jasmine, bergamot, geranium, palmarosa, vanilla and ylang-ylang.

The base of the massage oil contains 10% jojoba oil and 90% almond oil. Very skin-friendly composition. Easy to apply and spread which means less is needed. Contains 2% pure essential oil. The smaller pack size of 100 ml is ideal for home use.

Warning: possible fire hazard. Oily sheets when not completely washed out can ignite in the clothes dryer. We recommend using special detergent for this purpose. Oil stains and smells in the sheets can also be avoided or reduced by using a special detergent, from the very first wash.

Product details:

  • Stress-reducing massage oil
  • Skin-friendly
  • Oil base: 10 & jojoba, 90% almond oil
  • Scent: an intense floral scent
  • Pack size: 100 ml
  • Adequate product.