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LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set
LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set
LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set
LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set
LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set
LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set
LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set

LunchKit BIO, 6 pcs set

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All you need to carry and eat lunch in style. Stain resistant material that is easy to clean.
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The Light My Fire LunchKit BIO is a handy all-in-one meal kit for travels, camping, or to be used as a lunchbox for school or work. This set is made of biobased plastic and is 100% BPA-free. 

The set includes 1 lid that functions as a plate, 1 deep bottomed bowl for soups or bigger-sized portions, 1 SnapBox Original food storage container, a SnapBox Oval storage container, and 1 Light My Fire Spork Original. Every piece nests easily inside itself, so it is a compact package and easy to carry around. The lunch kit comes with a harness that keeps everything together. 

The SnapBoxes have tight-fitting lids that make them waterproof and keep the contents inside without leaking. This mess kit comes with a super handy Spork, a spoon-fork-knife combo, so you don't need to pack any other cutlery. All components are dishwasher and microwave safe, and they have a stain-resistant surface. This set makes eating outside so much easier and carefree!


  1. Lid/plate (500 ml)
  2. Plate/bowl (900 ml)
  3. SnapBoxoriginal, waterproof (170 ml)
  4. SnapBoxoval, waterproof (320 ml)
  5. Spork original
  6. Harness.

Product details:

  • Made from Biobased plastics
    • Spork Original BIO: GMO-free corn-based bioplastic
    • Harness: Dryflex Green TPE
    • Other pieces: certified sugarcane with wood fibre-based bioplastics 
  • Bring along friendly and compact
  • Includes handy CircBag for easy storage
  • Easy to clean – no sharp corners
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Made in Sweden.

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