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Junior Goalkeeper Gloves,  Negative replica

Junior Goalkeeper Gloves, Negative replica

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High quality and durable goalkeeper gloves for juniors. The gloves protect small hands and allow excellent grip on the ball.
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Model number: 18613
Product identifier: 5027535218613

Durable, high quality and stylish goalkeeper gloves for juniors.

These junior-sized gloves are made to imitate professional goalkeeper gloves. The stitching is located inside the glove, allowing for a tighter fit. The knuckle side of the glove is made of durable EVA material, which protects the hands when in contact with the ground. The material on the palm side improves the grip on the ball. Coolair mesh underhand fabric to prevent sweating. The elastic wrist strap provides support and reduces the shock on the wrist when catching the ball. Perfect goalkeeper gloves for small hands. Glove sizes for juniors 4-7.

Product details:

  • High-quality goalkeeper gloves for juniors
  • Elastic velcro strap to support the wrist
  • Knuckle side EVA material
  • Provides good grip on the ball
  • Sizes 4-7.