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Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium
Pull Up Bar DD Premium

Pull Up Bar DD Premium

111,90 €
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Versatile and sturdy chin-up bar with adjustable handle distances, two handles and a hook for a punching bag. Wall or ceiling mounting.
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The DD Premium Pull Up Bar is a solid pull-up bar from HMS. Its main advantage is its functionality. Pull up bar can be attached both to the wall and to the ceiling.

The bar is a piece of equipment that is worth having in your home gym because it can be used in many ways and for many exercises. However, its main purpose is an exercise called pull-ups. It is an exercise that strongly engages the latissimus dorsi muscle, and thus develops it very strongly. The latissimus dorsi muscle is large back muscle and covers practically the entire back, which is why its strengthening and development are so important. The biceps are also heavily involved during pull-ups. 

The DD Premium Pull Up Bar allows you to change the handle, thanks to additional handles it is equipped with. Therefore, it is possible to pull up not only with undergrip and overhand grip, but also with a parallel grip. The adjustment possibilities of the handles create more diverse chances for exercises by adding more angles and spacing. Resulting in a strong symmetrically shaped muscle.

Handles are rubber coated to prevent the hand from slipping. Coated handles guarantee a firm grip. This has a direct impact on the safety and comfort of use. The width of the handles is easily and quickly adjusted. There are 5 levels of adjustment, each 2,5 cm from each other.

The punch bag holder is an undoubtedly attractive accessory. Due to it, when buying one product, you actually get two and thus save money and space. The handle will withstand every training session, which is guaranteed by the thickness of the sheet metal from which it was made. The thickness is up to 3 mm.

The DD Premium Pull Up Bar is a stable, strong product. 4 mounting holes with a diameter of 11 mm will allow you to securely attach the product to the wall or ceiling.

Product Details:

  • Material: steel, rubber
  • Distance from the ceiling to the extreme point: 54 cm
  • Distance from the wall to the extreme point: 30 cm
  • Handle spacing:
    • Outer grip: 85 cm - 105 cm 
    • Inner grip: 24 cm - 44 cm
    • Grips are adjustable every 2,5 cm on each side
    • The length of the handle: 12 cm
    • Handle diameter: 29 mm
  • Hole diameter in punchbag holder: 11 mm
  • Punching bag holder sheet thickness: 3 mm
  • Maximum load weight: 150 kg
  • Product weight: 8 kg.

NOTICE - When attaching the bar, secure the attachment point's durability. Only attach to stable and strong materials. Can be attached to the ceiling or wall. Screws to attach are not included.

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Model number: HMSDD10
Product identifier: 5907695540260