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Active Wash 750 ml

Active Wash 750 ml

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Effective detergent for technical and natural fiber equipment. Removes odors and speeds up drying.
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An effective detergent for all synthetic and natural fibres, e.g. sportswear, underwear and compression products. The detergent is not suitable for use with water-repellent or membrane textiles.

The Grangers detergent is formulated to remove stubborn odours from sports and activewear. Designed for all fabrics, including lycra, polyester, cotton, and merino. Except for garments with DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finishes. Reduces drying times, and improves wicking properties. Effective even at low wash temperatures. Recommended washing temperature 30°C. 

Simply place the product into the washing machine’s drawer before washing per the instructions on the garment’s care label.  TIP: Ensure that the drawer is free from detergent residue before wash. 


Hand wash 

  • Pour the product into the water before adding the garment to be cleaned.
  • Agitate the garment briefly before leaving it to soak.
  • Finally, rinse the treated garment thoroughly to remove any remaining product. 


  • If tumble drying your garments, use low heat and dry for around 30 minutes before checking the garment.
  • When drying down-filled items, agitating the garment periodically (or using dryer balls) will prevent clumps forming.
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Model number: GRF133
Product identifier: 0799756006700