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Ultra F-60, Hockey Skates

Ultra F-60, Hockey Skates

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State-of-the-art hockey skates for real game situations!
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Model number: GRF-ULTR-F60

State-of-the-art hockey skates for real game situations!

These ultra-light skates fit on your feet like a glove, providing an incredibly comfortable skating experience. The skate has high side support based on XP-3 technology and a narrow heel fit. The breathable and quick-drying Airnet inner lining ensures that your feet stay dry and the skates fresh for longer. The F-60 model has a wide EE last. Stainless blades.

Product details:

  • PRO skates for hockey
  • XP-3 high side support
  • Narrow heel fit
  • EE last
  • Breathable Airnet inner lining
  • Stainless blades.

Size chart:

740 1/2256
7,541 1/3261
8,542 2/3269
943 1/3274
1044 2/3283
10,545 1/3287