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Frisbee Golf Disc, Putter

Frisbee Golf Disc, Putter

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PDG-approved putter for disc golf. Flight distance 60 meters.
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PDG-approved midrange for disc golf. Flight distance 60–100 meters.

Frisbee golf discs are divided into three main groups: putters, midranges and drivers. Putters are designed to fly straight, predictably, and very slowly compared to mid-range discs and drivers. The putter is used for the final throws on the fairway when trying to get the disc into the basket. The throw distance is approximately 60 meters.

The disc is made in Germany, it has a diameter of 21.5 cm and a weight of approx. 160 g.

Product details:

  • Approved by the PDGA association
  • Made in Germany
  • Weight approx. 160 g
  • Diameter 21.5 cm
  • Flight distance: 60 m
  • Speed/2, fly/3, stability/0, fade/0.

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Model number: 10474
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