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Frisbee Golf Disc, Midrange

Frisbee Golf Disc, Midrange

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PDG-approved midrange for disc golf. Flight distance 60–100 meters.
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Model number: 10498

PDG-approved midrange for disc golf. Flight distance 60–100 meters.

Frisbee golf discs are divided into three main groups: putters, midranges and drivers. To put it simply, the shorter the throw, the slower and straighter the disc flies. The midrange is used after the opening throw for short approach throws, or on short fairways also for opening throws. The disc has a dull, bevelled edge and a moderate rim width. Beginner players might use mid-ranges instead of drivers at tee-off, as they require less strength and technique than drivers. If a beginner would want to purchase just one disc, the midrange is the best choice. The ideal throw distance is 60-100 meters.

The disc is made in Germany, it has a diameter of 21.5 cm and a weight of approx. 160 g.

Product details:

  • Approved by the PDGA association
  • Made in Germany
  • Weight approx. 160 g
  • Diameter 21.5 cm
  • Flight distance: 60–100 m
  • Speed/ 5, fly/ 5, stability/0, fade/ 1.