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Floral Focus Pads
Floral Focus Pads
Floral Focus Pads
Floral Focus Pads
Floral Focus Pads
Floral Focus Pads

Floral Focus Pads

39,90 €
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Focus Pad with a suede surface and EVA foam filling for versatile boxing training. Stylish Flora Skin embroidery.
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Model number: FPR-FL3
Product identifier: 5054421052341

The more stylish option for boxing and MMA technique training.

These RDX focus pads will be the new cornerstone of your boxing training! The focus pads are suitable for sparring punching technique, speed and accuracy with a training buddy or a coach. In addition to boxing, they are also suitable for other martial arts that require adamant striking techniques.

These Floral focus pads are handmade to ensure the best possible quality. The surface material is made of suede and it has a synthetic Flora Skin embroidery. The interior is double-stitched to encourage tear resilience. A thick layer of EVA foam protects the coach's and boxer's hands from shocks caused by punches, effectively preventing wrist injuries. The carefully shaped handpiece ensures a firm grip on the cushion. The open-finger design promotes airflow inside the glove, helping to keep the hands dry throughout the workout.

Product details:

  • Stylish focus pads for boxing
  • Material: suede, Flora Skin embroidery
  • Thick EVA foam layer for shock absorption
  • Ideal for speed and combo drill training
  • Dimensions: height 25 cm, width 18 cm, depth 4 cm.