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CT150 35 Youth Ice Hockey Stick

CT150 35 Youth Ice Hockey Stick

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Youth 46", light and flexible hockey stick. Fiberglass/carbon fibre composite.
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Youth 46" light and flexible hockey stick. Fibreglass/carbon fibre composite.

Thanks to the ergonomically designed shaft, the hockey stick fits well in the hand. The stick is made of fibreglass/carbon fibre composite. The length of the stick is 46 " (about 117 cm.) A suitable hockey stick crosses the player up to the nose when the player is without skates, and around the chin when the skates are on the foot. 

This kids' hockey stick is at the more flexible end of the scale of 20–115 with a rigidity number 35, and blade 92. The flexibility of a stick is a matter of opinion, but often strikers and smaller players choose a more flexible stick, and defenders a more rigid stick. Right or left-handedness selectable.

Product details:

  • Material: fiberglass / carbon fibre
  • Weight: 380 g
  • Length: 46 "
  • Flex: 35, blade 92
  • Colour: black / yellow
  • Handedness selectable.
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Model number: 8071X
Product identifier: 9002972521546, 9002972521553