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Finger pulse oximeter, led
Finger pulse oximeter, led
Finger pulse oximeter, led

Finger pulse oximeter, led

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Finger pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen content and pulse. Easy, fast and painless fingertip measurement.
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Model number: 102487692
Product identifier: 6438014284422

Easy-to-use finger pulse oximeter for home measurement and e.g. if you have lung, heart, asthma, or allergy problems. Perfect also for exercisers.

The finger pulse oximeter can be used to measure blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), i.e. the amount of oxygen bound to the blood and heart rate. SpO2 measurement range: 0-99%, heart rate measurement range 25-250 beats per minute. A measurement with a finger pulse oximeter can be performed when it is suspected that the oxygen content of the blood is low. A low oxygen concentration can be detected as fatigue, shortness of breath or an increased pulse.

An easy and affordable device that tells you your blood oxygen content and heart rate in an instant!

Product information

  • Warranty 1 year
  • SpO2 and pulse monitoring
  • *Measurement of blood perfusion
  • Easy to use, with a one-press function
  • Fast results
  • Led display  
  • Large clear display area
  • Customizable alarm limits
  • Automatic power off and low battery indicator
  • IP22 level water and dust protection,
  • Display color: red
  • CE marking, meets the requirements of EU directives
  • Uses 2 x AAA batteries, included in the package
  • Automatic power off
  • Product dimensions: Length 57 x width 30 x height 31 mm
  • Weight 28 grams.

*) The perfusion index (PI) indicates the pulse strength in a percentage unit of 0.02%-20%. A low value means weak and a high value means very strong pulse strength. PI is a proportional value that indicates the intensity returning from the oximeter's measuring point.