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FFM Full-face Snorkeling Mask

FFM Full-face Snorkeling Mask

29,90 €
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A full-face snorkelling mask that offers 180 º degree visibility! Integrated snorkel tube.
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A full-face mask offers more comprehensive visibility than a regular snorkel mask, up to 180 º degrees!

Breathing with a full-face mask is especially easy as you can breathe through your mouth and nose. Separate breathing and vision chambers prevent fogging.

The snorkel tube is integrated directly into the mask, so you don’t have to worry about the correct position of the tube. You can also dive with the mask, as there is a sealing plug at the end of the snorkel tube, which automatically closes the tube for inlet flow when going underwater but still allows you to breathe out.

The mask has silicone seals and an easy-to-adjust elastic neck strap so it fits well on the face. The mask is available in two sizes: S/M and M/L. Size S/M is recommended for young, women, or otherwise narrow-faced adults.

Product details:

  • Full face mask for snorkelling
  • Integrated snorkel tube
  • Wide 180º degree visibility
  • Easy-to-breathe model, breathing possible through both mouth and nose
  • An automatic sealing plug prevents water from entering the snorkel tube
  • 2 size options: S/M and M/L.
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Model number: 03623
Product identifier: 6418025403623