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Charcoal Heel Gray, toe socks
Charcoal Heel Gray, toe socks
Charcoal Heel Gray, toe socks

Charcoal Heel Gray, toe socks

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Feelmax Charcoal is a toe sock made from charcoal fibre, which helps to keep feet dry and fresh. Pure pleasure to wear.
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Model number: CHH35GR, CHH42GR
Product identifier: 6417989950358, 6417989950341

Feelmax Charcoal is an everyday sock for wet feet. It helps to keep the feet dry even if the feet were extra sweaty.

The Feelmax Charcoal toe socks have charcoal fibre in them. The magic in the socks is the charcoal, which is a material that pulls moisture away from the skin. Charcoal also attracts and traps odours, which eases the troublesome feeling of smelly feet.

Besides to reduce moisture and odours, Feelmax Charcoal toe socks are also for comfortability. Toe sock structure keeps the toes separately, which feels amazing. Toes can be free and more naturally adapt to every step as they should.

Feelmax Charcoal toe socks are machine washable. The washing is important to release the bound odours for comfortable use. Washing and drying of the socks refresh the sock's charcoal benefits. Suitable for sensitive feet.

Product details:

  • Colour: grey
  • Material:
    • 49% cotton
    • 26% polyester
    • 22% nylon
    • 3% other fibres
  • Available in two sizes: 35-41 and 42-48