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Yoga Loop Ananta
Yoga Loop Ananta
Yoga Loop Ananta

Yoga Loop Ananta

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Yoga Loop brings control to your asanas and allows you to move through the harder yoga poses.
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Model number: BN911x
Product identifier: 4250367919460,-446,-453,-477

The Bodhi Yoga Loop is there for you to help in your technique and poses.

Yoga Loop brings control and allows you to move through the hard yoga poses. It can be used for stability in headstands or handstands or like a yoga belt for intensified stretching in certain asanas. 

To use Yoga Loop you do not need much creativity, just grab one of the loop ends with your hand or leg and bring another loop end where it mostly helps you to achieve your goal and grab it with your another hand or leg. 

Not like yoga belts, Yoga Loop does not have buckles so it does not need adjustment. It is immediately ready for use and there is not a buckle to bother.


  • Fabric: cotton
  • Colour: natural white
  • Four different sizes: approx. 33, 40, 48 and 58 cm.