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Employment bicycles

Choose cycling - order an employment bike from is a partner of GoByBike, Finland's most popular employment bike leasing service. If your employer is part of the GoByBike service, you can order an employment bike directly from us. Ordering an employment bike through us is quick and easy. With the GoByBike service, you save an average of 20-30 % on the price of any new bike. Your employer will charge the monthly rental price of the bike from your salary, meaning you don’t have to worry about payments at the ordering stage.

How does it work?

  1. Make sure your employer is part of GoByBike service
  2. Register as a user of the service here
  3. Choose the bike and accessories you want from our selection, and provide us with your contact information and GoByBike order form. You can send the information and additional questions by e-mail to If necessary, we will contact you for more information
  4. We will forward your order to the service provider who will send you the terms of the order
  5. Please review and approve the lease contract you will receive via email
  6. Accept delivery
  7. The bike is ready to be shipped to you!

Need more information about employment bike leasing? Read more detailed instructions directly on GoByBike's website.

In our selection, you will find high-quality electric bikes for urban and off-road use, as well as all the necessary accessories. Browse our selection and choose your favourite bike here.