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Returns, Reclamations, and Refunds

Returns, Reclamations, and Refunds

These terms and conditions are valid in the online store and apply to consumer customers. offers an extended 30 days return time, but at this time, we do not cover the cost of return shipping for orders made outside Finland. The initial shipping cost is refunded if the complete order is returned. In case the initial order is returned only partially, the initial shipping fee is not returned.


Return time and return notification

The customer of the online store has an extended 30-day right of return for the ordered products. When cancelling their purchase, the customer must notify us within the return period of 30 days. Notification of returning product can be made by e-mail to customerservice[at] After noticing about the return, the customer must send the return in 14 days time.

If the last day of the cancellation period is on a weekend or a public holiday, the cancellation notice can still be made on the first working day. Returning an order does not need explanations. The customer also has the right to notify the cancellation before the delivery of the goods. The return time is calculated from the day customer received the order. In the case of regularly delivered goods, the cancellation period is calculated from receiving the first delivery.

However, simply returning the goods or not receiving them is not enough - please notify us of the incoming return and pick up the received order in time. A one-time fee of 20€ can be charged for orders that are not picked up or were failed to deliver due to customer reasons and are returned to the warehouse by the courier.

The purpose of the compensation is to cover the costs of processing, packing, shipping, and returning the order. A “not-picked-up” returned order can be resent if the customer does not want to cancel the order completely. Resending an undelivered order will incur new shipping costs.

The delivery companies may store the order(s) for a limited time, after which the order will be automatically returned to the sender. The storing time may variate. Please, make yourself available to receive the order or pick it up on time. Delivery companies do inform about incoming deliveries usually with one or more of these: email, text message, phone call or letter.


Familiarization with the goods

The customer must keep the ordered products substantially unchanged and unreduced to be entitled to a full refund. The customer can open or unpack the package without losing the right of withdrawal to check the product's features and functionality. If the customer takes the product in use, one is responsible for the reduction in the value of the goods. If the product has become unfit for sale when the customer becomes acquainted with the product, may refuse to refund the amount paid by the customer for the product.


The right of return does not apply

  • goods delivered sealed which, for health or hygiene reasons, cannot be returned after opening the package
  • goods manufactured or modified in accordance with the consumer's requirements or clearly made to meet personal needs
  • perishable or obsolete products, or products which, by their nature, are inextricably mixed with other goods after delivery

Examples of such products include supplements, vitamins, and other foods, as well as intimate products such as respirators and socks, and liquid products such as detergents and oils.


Product replacement and reclamations

If the customer is not totally satisfied with the product which is not faulty and would like to change it to another, we kindly ask to place a new order and return the initial order for a refund. If the customer wants to change the product due to a defect, we do accept reclamations.

We do not do product replacements unless there is a clear defect in the product or mistake on our behalf for example in processing the order. For showing the defect or mistake in the order processing, we ask the customer to document the complaint for example with a photo(s) and mail us to customerservice[at] Extended delivery time is not a mistake in the order processing and will not be compensated. 


Processing time and payment return

We will process returns to the warehouse as soon as possible, but no later than within 14 days. We will also refund the payment received from the customer as soon as possible, however no later than 14 days after processing the returned order.

Payment return for the order is always made by using the same payment method that was used in the order. Only if a refund for the payment method used is not possible for any reason, can the refund be made to the bank account specified by the customer. To do this, we ask for an account number to which the refund can be paid. Otherwise, we never ask for our customers’ account numbers or other banking information.

Alternatively, the customer can be offered a refund, for example with a gift card or a product of equivalent value, in which case the customer has the option of accepting the offered option or refusing completely and receiving a payment refund.


If you have any questions about our return policy, we will be happy to help. You can send us your questions by e-mail to customerservice[at]