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Singing Bowls and Symbals

Singing bowls have a warm and full sound which is well suited for meditation and yoga as well as sound therapy or singing bowl massage. The harmonious and caring sound of the singing bowl helps to get into a very deep relaxed state. The sounds feel like relaxing signals in the body. Signals that will lead you deeper in your relaxation, towards true you and enlighment. The effect of the bowls are based on vibration and the correct resonance frequency.

When meditating, the cymbals can rhythm the practice and guide through the stages of meditation. Clear sound of cymbals guide the meditating person always to a deeper and deeper state of mind. Cymbals add a new dimension to changing the long asanas of Yin Yoga, when the silent voice of the cymbals breaks the silence instead of speaking. The flow and focus of the exercise will improve with the bright voice of symbals. We recommend cymbals for your own practice as well as for teaching.

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