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The PowerBlock is the world’s best adjustable dumbbell, saving you time, space and money!

There are two series available: the Pro series and the Sport series. These two series differ in a few ways. The Pro series products have coated handles as well as weight plates, which make them more silent in use than the Sport series. Coated dumbbells are also more gentle on the surface of your training ground if it happens to be sensitive material. Still, please do not throw or drop your PowerBlocks’s hard.

There are Straight Bar, EZ Curl Bar and Kettlebell handle available for the Pro –series. Sport series does not have these add-ons.

In the name of the product, EXP stands for expandable, which refers to more dumbbell use possibilities. EXP dumbbells can be expanded with extra weight stacks up to 41 kilos. The number in the product refers to its weight in pounds.

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