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Meditation Cushion and Chairs

Let's face it - often when thought meditation it is seen as a closed eyes sitting on a yoga mat some sort or on the floor legs crossed. Eventually, sitting like this makes everybody's body hurt - legs become numb, limbs sore and back aches. Only sitting in upright position is demanding for many! And because of this, there are tools for meditating more comfortable!

Meditation cushions are available in many kind of form. There are high Rondo, medium flat Zafu and the flattest Zabuton. These cushions variate not only in colour but also in shape, filling and purpose. Besides these there are also meditation chairs. Without diving to the exact details - these are all made to make meditation easier and to help on the towards enlightenment.

Meditation cushions and chairs help to keep spine and posture straight, legs fresh and mind focused. These meditation tools are essential if you don't meditate only laying on your back - in which case we recommend a really good yoga mat from our collections.

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